Moneymax Rewards FAQs


How do I qualify for a reward? When will I receive my welcome gift? Is Moneymax legit? Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our exciting Moneymax rewards! 🎁

How do I qualify for a Moneymax reward?

To qualify for a Moneymax reward, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must apply for the product within the promo period.
  • You must be a first-time client of your chosen provider (meaning you don’t have an existing credit card with the provider).
  • You must meet the eligibility criteria of the featured product.
  • You must apply via the Moneymax website.


How do I avail of the Moneymax reward promo?

To avail of our existing promos, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the application form for your chosen product on the Moneymax website within the promo period.

    • For Citibank applications, you will be redirected to their respective application pages. You need to finish your application from there.
    • For HSBC applications, a representative will call you within 3-5 Banking days after submitting your application on the Moneymax website.

2. Once your application is approved, you will receive an SMS confirmation from the bank.

3. 1-2 weeks after Moneymax receives the approval status from the provider, you will receive an email confirming the availability of your Moneymax reward together with its expected time of arrival.

    • For Citibank cardholders, you have to meet a spend requirement of ₱10,000 (single or accumulated spend) within 60 days from the date of approval to receive your welcome gift. Use your Citi credit card for your daily expenses to meet the spend requirement quicker.

4. Your gift will be delivered to the address provided to Moneymax during your application a few weeks after receiving the confirmation email, depending on the gift you chose. For the estimated delivery time for each gift, refer to the table below:

GiftsSRPPartner RetailerArrival Time
AirPods Gen 2
Power Mac Center / WSTI
10-14 weeks
Anker PowerCore III 10,000 mAh
3 months
B Coffee Gift Set
4-6 weeks
Baseus Portable Fridge
The Nest Manila
2-3 months
Beats Studio Buds
10-12 weeks
Beyond The Box Vouchers
7-10 days
Daewoo Bladeless Fan
The Nest Manila
2-3 months
DeLonghi Espresso Machine
WSTI/Concept Specialist Inc.
12-14 weeks
Up to ₱10,000
7-10 days
Google Chromecast 4
Primus Upsales Inc.
6-10 weeks
Huawei MatePad T10
8-10 weeks
Instax Mini LiPlay
8-10 weeks
Instax Mini 11
6-10 weeks
JBL Go 3
3 months
Klean Kanteen
Green Kingdom Lifestyle Enterprises
On Hand
Kindle 10
10-12 weeks
Lazada Voucher
7-10 days
Marshall Acton II Speaker
8-10 weeks
Marshall Emberton Speaker
The Nest Manila
10-12 weeks
Marshall Major IV Headphones
The Nest Manila
10-12 weeks
Marshall Minor III
8-10 weeks
Nespresso D40 Inissia Jabil
Novateur Coffee Concepts, Inc.
12-16 weeks
Ogawa Mobile Seat XE Mini
O-Healthcare Solution Phil. Inc.
On Hand
Shopee Voucher
7-10 days
Smeg Toaster
Mondo Cucina Inc.
On Hand
Sony WH-XB910N Wireless Headphones
30-45 days
Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C
The Nest Manila
4 weeks
Xiaomi Mijia UV Dustmite Vacuum
The Nest Manila
45 days


Do I need to meet a spend requirement to receive my gift?

For Citibank promos starting August 1, 2022, you have to meet a spend requirement of ₱10,000 (single or accumulated spend) within 60 days from the date of the eligible credit card’s approval. Use your Citi credit card to buy groceries and essentials, pay bills and subscriptions, or fund your shopping spree to meet the spending requirement in no time!

What transactions are eligible to meet the spend requirement?

For Citibank promos, eligible transactions include:

  • Straight purchases
  • PayLite purchases (each PayLite transaction will be considered as one transaction)
  • Cash advance transactions
  • Payment transactions (e.g. PayAll, Citi One Bill and payments directly made or enrolled with the merchant)
  • Online purchases

The following transactions are not eligible:

  • Citi Balance Transfer
  • Citi PayLite after purchase
  • Citi Speed Cash transactions

Will my gift arrive together with my card or loan?

NO, your credit card or loan and your gift WILL NOT arrive on the same day. Once you’re approved, you will receive a separate email confirming the availability of your welcome gift.

  • For physical gifts: you will receive your gift 10-16 weeks after you receive your confirmation email. We will deliver your gift to the address provided to Moneymax during your application. Please be informed that COVID-19 restrictions could affect the delivery time of your gift.
  • For digital vouchers: you will receive your gift 7-10 days after we receive the partner provider’s confirmation on your eligibility.

Can I still avail of the reward if I applied directly to the provider’s website?

Unfortunately, NO. Only applications made on the Moneymax website will be considered for the rewards. Any applications made through the provider’s website or any other third-party platforms will not be attributed to Moneymax.

Can I still avail of the promo if I didn’t apply for the eligible product from the website? 

If a Moneymax representative offered the promo to you, then yes, you can avail of the promo. Please expect a separate call from the provider to complete your application from there.

What if I don’t finish the application form on the provider’s website after getting redirected?

Depending on your eligibility, we can send over your details to Citi and have them call you to follow up on your application. We strongly recommend completing the application form on the provider’s website to ensure that your application will be processed completely.

How can I continue my application if I didn’t complete my application on the provider’s website?

For Citi applications, if you already completed the first page with your personal information, you can simply resume your application on the Citi website. If you haven’t filled up anything, you have to restart your application from the Moneymax website so we can properly attribute the gift you are eligible for.


The Moneymax website didn’t redirect me to the provider’s website. What should I do?

In case Moneymax didn’t redirect you to the provider’s website, follow these simple workarounds:

  • Disable your popup blockers and other browser extensions and re-apply through the Moneymax website again.
  • You can try applying through the Moneymax website through a different device.
  • If you’re on mobile, try re-applying through a desktop browser.

If all else fails, please email us at for further assistance.

How will I know if I successfully availed of the promo?

Once your application is approved, we will send you an email notifying you about the arrival of your welcome gift. We ask for your patience as it might take a couple of weeks for your physical gifts to be delivered. Please refer to the estimated delivery timetable above.


I have received my credit card/loan but not the confirmation email. What should I do?

It might take a while for the email to arrive because there is a turnaround time on the provider’s side to update your approval status. You can email us at to follow up on your welcome gift.


What are the expected arrival times of my gift?

It will depend on the gift you chose and the bandwidth of our partner retailers in delivering your gift. Please refer to the estimated delivery time table above for reference.


When will I receive my digital vouchers?

For your digital voucher, you will receive it 7-10 days after we receive the partner provider’s confirmation on your eligibility.


Are digital vouchers like Shopee and Lazada transferable?

NO, digital vouchers are not transferable.


Are there any other terms and conditions associated with the use of digital vouchers?

Since we’re disbursing the digital vouchers via Giftaway, please refer to their terms and conditions for additional information.


Are the gifts original?

YES! We get our gifts from legitimate partner merchants and retailers.


Can I choose the color or specification of my gift?

NO, we couldn’t allow you to choose the color of your gift as of this time.


Can I replace my chosen gift If I changed my mind after finishing the application?

Unfortunately, no. You will only get the first gift you selected when you applied for the promo.

I saw a GCash gift from an ad but the application form is showing different gifts. Which gift am I eligible for?

You are eligible for the higher ticket gifts. But if you prefer the GCash gift, you can reach out to us on Messenger and request to have your gift changed.

Can I exchange my gifts for cash?

NO, all gifts are not convertible to cash.

Where can I contact you regarding the arrival of my gift?

If you want to follow up on your gift or if you have any urgent concerns, you can contact us here:

  • – for gift followups
  • – for general inquiries

You can also find us on Facebook Messenger by searching for “Moneymax.”

Where can I find the terms and conditions of an existing promo?

You can check out an existing promo’s terms and conditions on the left side of the Moneymax application form. You can also check out the bottom part of the latest promo newsletter to download the terms and conditions document. Make sure you’re subscribed to the Moneymax newsletter to stay updated on our latest offers!

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