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Last updated June 23, 2022

UnionBank is one of the most trusted banking institutions in the Philippines. In recent years, it has captured the attention of younger clientele and even customers from competing banks because of its advanced and user-friendly mobile banking app. It might be even through this app that you’ve become curious about the potential this bank holds, especially when it comes to credit cards.

UnionBank credit cards have a lot of features and benefits. Among the most exciting features are longer credit terms, flexible monthly payments, and an installment program with 0% interest. The bank even allows you to share credit card access with family and friends.

The bank’s credit cards also offer exclusive discounts on dining and shopping. So, if you want to have the first dibs on leisure-specific perks, a UnionBank credit card makes a good choice. Here's your guide to UnionBank credit card application.

How to Apply for a UnionBank Credit Card

If you want to start your UnionBank credit card application, here's an easy five-step guide to follow.

1. Know If You’re Eligible for a UnionBank Credit Card

Before you proceed with your application, you should know first if you qualify for a credit card from UnionBank.

UnionBank Credit Card Application Requirements

  • 18 to 70 years old
  • Accomplished application form
  • Valid government-issued ID bearing your photo and signature
  • Proof of income (any of the following):
    • Income Tax return (ITR) or Certificate of Compensation Payment and Tax Withheld
    • Certificate of Employment or Employment Contract
    • Latest three-month payslips
    • BIR Form 2316
    • Proof of pension
    • Copies of Bank of Statement of Account (SOA) from another bank for the last three (3) months
  • If you’re a foreigner, you will have to submit a copy of your Alien Certification of Registration or its equivalent document.

2. Choose the Right UnionBank Credit Card for You

Not all UnionBank credit cards are created equal. Each has its own set of features and functions that suit specific groups of people based on their needs and priorities. With that, you have to take your time determining first which of these credit cards is the right one for you.

Knowing the functions, similarities, and differences of these credit cards will also help you pick the card that allows you to manage your payments properly. Here’s a quick overview of each UnionBank credit card.

📌 UnionBank Gold Visa

unionbank credit card application - Gold Visa

At some point, you’ll want a credit card that gives access to more features and perks. If you’re a legit rewards finder, this card is definitely for you.

Just like the Classic Visa card, you can use the UnionBank Gold Visa for everyday purchases. But what makes it an upgrade from the starter card is that it has a wide range of rewards, from shopping certificates to travel points. If you’re traveling, you can also enjoy unlimited pre-departure lounge access by presenting your card at the Club Manila Lounge at NAIA Terminal 1.

  • Annual fee: ₱2,500
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱30,000
  • Rewards:  1 point per ₱35 spend

📌 UnionBank Platinum Visa

unionbank credit card application - Platinum Visa

If your lifestyle has already elevated and you want to enjoy the finer things in life, this top-tier card is a great pick. Premium seekers can use the UnionBank Platinum Visa not just for everyday purchases but also for high-ticket items.

There are also exclusive rewards, especially for travel. For one, you can enjoy pre-departure lounge access at NAIA Terminal 1’s Club Manila Lounge. Use this card at NAIA Terminal 3’s Pacific Lounge, and you’ll get 20% off on a lounge pass for your companions. And when you charge your travel fare using this card, you’ll receive an insurance coverage of ₱10 million.

  • Annual fee: ₱3,000
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱50,000

📌 UnionBank PlayEveryday

unionbank credit card application - PlayEveryday

UnionBank has come up with a gamified rewards system for cardholders who take rewards hunting very seriously. The bank describes its PlayEveryday credit card as something that makes adulting activities fun.

You can collect points through fulfilling seemingly mundane banking activities. For example, setting up a PlayEveryday profile will give you 500 points. Spending via your PlayEveryday credit card will give you 1 point for every ₱10 spent. Depositing at least ₱10,000 to your debit account is equivalent to 100 points. You get the drift.

  • Annual fee: ₱1,500
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱30,000
  • Rewards: Depending on the activities designated by UnionBank[1]

📌 UnionBank Gold Mastercard

unionbank credit card application - Gold Mastercard

A lot of credit cardholders are actually practical, and they always want to make the most of their little plastic cards. If you’re this type of credit card owner, the UnionBank Gold Mastercard has an exciting cashback feature: you get a 1.5% rebate on all purchases with no caps!

  • Annual fee: ₱2,500
  • Interest Rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱30,000

📌 UnionBank Platinum Mastercard

unionbank credit card application - Platinum Mastercard

Another great option for value-driven cardholders is the UnionBank Platinum Mastercard. You can use it for everyday purchases while earning a 1.5% cashback. Plus, you get unlimited pre-departure lounge access at NAIA Terminal 1’s Club Manila Lounge. You also get 20% off on a lounge pass for your companions at NAIA Terminal 3’s Pacific Lounge when you pay with your UnionBank credit card.

  • Annual fee: ₱5,000
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱50,000

📌 Cebu Pacific GetGo Gold

unionbank credit card application - Cebu Pacific GetGo Gold

Are you a frequent flyer who’s always on the lookout for seat sales? You have probably heard of the Cebu Pacific GetGo Gold credit card and how a lot of travelers swear by it. Other than getting GetGo points every time you use it, cardholders receive early alerts on Cebu Pacific and GetGo seat sales.

  • Annual fee: ₱3,000
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱30,000
  • Rewards:  1 GetGo point per ₱30 spend

📌 Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum

unionbank credit card application - Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum

While UnionBank calls the Cebu Pacific GetGo Gold credit card a budget traveler’s card, the Platinum version of the card is made for the relaxed holidaymaker. Through this card, you get a free extra 5kg baggage allowance, priority check-in, unlimited lounge access, and travel insurance. You’ll also receive early alerts on the air carrier’s seat sales and exclusive deals.

  • Annual fee: ₱5,000
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱50,000
  • Rewards:  1 GetGo point per ₱30 spend

📌 UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa

unionbank credit card application - Miles+ Platinum Visa

Another credit card option for travelers is UnionBank’s Miles+ Platinum Visa card. You can redeem as much as 1.2% cashback using your Miles+ points. If you're an avid traveler, you can convert points to miles with the bank’s partner airlines, such as Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. You also get free airport lounge access and free travel insurance.

  • Annual fee: ₱3,000
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱50,000
  • Rewards: 1 point per ₱25 everyday spend / 1 point per ₱25 travel-related spend

UnionBank Lazada Credit Card

unionbank credit card application - UnionBank Lazada Credit Card

For every ₱200 purchase at Lazada app, you’ll get ₱6 Lazada Credits. You also get access to exclusive discounts and privileges, such as free shipping and sale vouchers.

  • Annual fee: ₱3,000
  • Interest rate: 2%
  • Minimum monthly income: ₱30,000
  • Rewards: 6x Lazada Credits for every ₱200 spent on the app

3. Fill Out the Online UnionBank Credit Card Application Form

Before proceeding with the application process, make sure that you have all the UnionBank credit card requirements ready (refer to the list in the first item of this guide). For your convenience, we recommend that you apply online. Just go to UnionBank’s Credit Card Application page[2] and provide the pertinent information. See to it that the details you input are accurate and up to date to avoid delays and problems down the line.

With this mode of application, there’s no need to fall in line at the bank. But if you want to get things done in person, you may contact UnionBank to see if they can schedule you a meeting or if you want to learn more about their credit cards. Here are the UnionBank contact details:

  • Metro Manila: (+632) 8841-8600
  • PLDT Domestic Toll-Free: 1-800-1888-2277
  • International Toll-Free: (IAC) + 800-8277-2273
  • Email Address:

How Can I Check My UnionBank Credit Card Application Status?

unionbank credit card application - check status

You can simply reach out to UnionBank and inquire about your credit card delivery status. Remember, it may take 12 to 14 working days before your application gets approved.

Alternatively, you can conveniently check your application status via UnionBank’s dedicated customer service page named Talk to Rafa of UnionBank[3] on the UnionBank PH website. Key in your reference number that you can find in the SMS or email you received after completing your credit card application.

You can also search talktorafa on Facebook Messenger to initiate a chat conversation.

How to Activate UnionBank Credit Card

As soon as the UnionBank credit card is delivered to you, you'll need to activate it if you want to use it right away. You can activate your credit card using your UnionBank mobile banking app, which is available on App Store and Google Play. You can also activate it through messenger via Talk to Rafa of UnionBank. Just input the necessary details and wait for the card to be activated.

unionbank app on google play
unionbank app on app store

Final Thoughts

UnionBank has a wide range of credit cards that suit different clients, from lifestyle mavens to value-driven consumers. To find the best one for you, compare credit cards and choose wisely.

The UnionBank credit card application process is easy when you already know what you want, and you have your requirements ready. If you want to know more about how you can use or maximize your credit card, feel free to browse our articles. You may also check out our application guides for other credit cards.

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